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Representative: Susan A. Corriere
Contact Info: 720-219-9139


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Corriere Group LLC/The Denver Entrepreneurs
5 "Keep up the great work!" Steve Broyles - CitiWide Home Loans Susan Corriere with The Denver Entrepreneurs aka Social Buzz Network is amazing in the way in which she helps other small business owners. She works tirelessly to promote the businesses in her The Denver Entrepreneurs aka Social Buzz Network. Between her Network, Social Media expertise and her Radio Show with Jason on Castle Rock Radio she does more to help other small businesses than anyone I know. Keep up the great work!
Corriere Group LLC/The Denver Entrepreneurs
5 "The best advertising money I have ever spent." Hava Kishinevsky - Independent Stella Having the priveledge of working with Social Buzz Network has given me the opportunity to reach people outside my customer base. I have met numerous people at the networking events who have booked shows with me, as well as purchased jewelry. I even signed up my latest stylist whom I met at the Social Buzz Lodo Event. Susan has opened doors for me that I didn’t even know existed. I started selling jewelry because I was passionate about the product. Susan shows the same passion whenever I talk to her about new ideas of expanding my business even more. In just a few short months, I have accomplished a lot because of Social Buzz Networking. I have done several vendor events which cost me about $100 per event. At Social Buzz Network, I get a table for free which is included in my advertising package. Social Buzz Network is the best advertising money I have ever spent.
Corriere Group LLC/The Denver Entrepreneurs
5 "They really worked hard to help me promote my business" Jamie Siegfried - Farmers Insurance What is The Denver Entrepreneurs formerly Social Buzz~ Well, it’s the reason I am still in business. Susan Gomez-Corriere works really hard to help me promote my business. As a business owner, I don’t have time to search for groups to join, things to do, places to be. She sets my social calender for me. We have several great events every month. I just show up!! I have me the most amazing supportive people, and new people are always joining. We welcome everyone and always look forward to seeing new faces! Not only does she host great events, she has a website, radio show and hands out several flyers everywhere she goes. I can’t say enough how much Social Buzz has helped me grow my business!! Want to check it out??? Be MY guest at the next event. I would love to have you.
Corriere Group LLC/The Denver Entrepreneurs
5 "You guys ROCK!" Yolanda Craig-Hildreth - All In One Culinary Hello Everyone. What a fun time last night! We joined The Denver Entreneurs aka Social Buzz a month ago and since then we have been on the fast track toward success! Susan you are amazing at what you do! This networking group is top notch and certainly delivers. You create so many fun and exciting ways for people to network and grow their business. All In One Culinary Services thanks you from the bottom of our hearts and we are looking forward to more events like last night to come! You guys ROCK! I am going to refer anyone I come in contact with that are entrepreneurs to Social Buzz so they can experience the fun, and prosperity we are experiencing!
Corriere Group LLC/The Denver Entrepreneurs
5 "Knack for getting the right businesses in front of the right customers" Gary Patton - On Purpose Leadership I’ve known Susan since she first started the Social Buzz Network. There were eight of us I think at that meeting and many of those original eight are in my circle of influence to this day.
Susan has a knack for getting the right businesses in front of the right customers by utilizing Social Media, websites, theSocial Buzz Power Hour Radio Show, and Social Buzz Networking events to promote her customers and to give them the right environment to build the relationships they need to grow their business.
If you are looking for a way to build your business the right way go see Susan.
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