Juice Plus
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We specialize in whole food fruits, vegetables, berries and Omegas in a capsule. The Juice Plus products are non-GMO, gluten free, no pesticides, no dyes, no added colors, no preservatives just good wholesome vine ripened produce condensed into a powder and placed in a vegan capsule. The Omegas blend of 3,5,6,7,9 derived algae and other plants - NO FISH taste or related contaminants to worry about. Juice Plus products are third party certified and approved by the Kosher community. There are currently 38 published, peer reviewed, double-blind placebo medical research studies proving the nutrients found in Juice Plus are being absorbed into the body and improving health. Juice Plus can bridge the gap from what we do eat and what we should eat.

Representative: Shelly Johnstone
Contact Info: 501-231-8162
Email: markandshelly2000@gmail.com

Website: http://shellyjohnstone.juiceplus.com

Video: https://vimeo.com/268498523

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